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Formally "Gibmee," I created this to become my outlet. Along with this blog I have another blog, which is more like a Lifestyle/Fashion blog, and two websites which offer free royalty-free photographs.

Hey there. I’m Jennifer. I’m 27 years old. Let me start by saying I come from a pretty messed up family and blogging is my outlet. I’ve been caring for my grandmother who is now 89 years old by myself for a little more than 15 years. 

I have an aunt who wrote anonymous letters to me for two years, before she finally got caught.  She also wrote letters to my high school as a freshman, and told them I had aids. She's now well into her 60's and created a Facebook account to constantly write status' about my sister and I about how horrible we are. Wonderful Aunt eh?

My other aunt lied to me and told me my mother died in 1996 so I wouldn’t go looking for her after my father died. They needed someone to take care of their mother, why would they say anything… My mom actually died in 2004, alone…I found this out in 2008. I recently found my mother’s family and met my maternal grandmother in 2013. 

My father died in 1996 (I was 8) he died from an apparent drug overdose. He was a wonderful father and he would have never show that he was addicted to drugs. 

My grandmother and I have been happily together, mostly alone for most of my life. We finally came to the conclusion that we make each other happy, and everyone else sucks. We understand each other and that’s just how it is.

Now for the good:
I decided to become a mother at the age of 24 to a beautiful boy. It was a decision I made for myself, I wanted to be a mother despite what my family had to say. They are very judgy for now being around much. I graduated college in 2011, with a degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising. In 2012 we decided to get pregnant again and in 2013 my beautiful daughter was born. 

Grams Care:
Grams is 89 years old, she has COPD, Diabetes, and a bunch of other issues. Every week I fill up a week worth of insulin in syringes, and a week worth of medicine. I try to get her to eat healthy, but she’s stuck on eating Latino/Italian food. She now has a home health aid that helps bathe her which makes things a little easier for me. 

I work as a CNA, working full time overnight hours. When I'm not working, I'm taking photographs for my stock photography websites. 

Blog Style:
I’m not sure if I have a blog style yet, but in real life I love to love…I also love to laugh. At times I’m sarcastic, and witty. I hope to be able to portray that here.
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James is my epic love
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