School begins!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

As I'm preparing the next few days of clothes I'm secretly going to miss Sprout. I can't tell him that of course. I took the day off to let him relax or get the crazy out before he starts again. 

So far he's ate a bunch of cookies, and played in the rain. Whatever he wants to do that isn't completely crazy I'll let him do today. 

Starting tomorrow the chaotic grind begins, where we need structure to stay afloat until the school year ends. Between school, martial arts, and soccer we are going to be busy, learning how to communicate effectively and keep grams a happy camper. 

I will beat my self up by working nights and days, but I'll be around for the important parts of his days including weekend days. 

I'm scared yet excited to see what the school year brings. 

Photography Break...

Monday, August 24, 2015

I'm not stopping though!

I thought about just closing it down, and if it happens again it happens. I came to the conclusion I'm not closing down my website This is the main photography portion of my website.

With my work/mom/caregiver schedule I cannot do any photography but it doesn't mean it's still there. I would have been able to keep going but every single session I was doing was free... Free doesn't pay the bills.

I'm still a lover of photography and of course design (sewing & fashion) but it really needs to sit on the back burner for a while.

I need to work my "Day Job" until my student loans are controlled...If you know anything about student loans, you'll be paying them until you're 694 year old. I can't stand these student loans, especially because it burns more that Sanford Brown College closed down, and even before they closed down every job I applied to asked me if "its a real college?"

So with that said, don't count me out, I'll be back in the world of photography and design, just give me time!

It's been a while....

Since I decided to stay with the company, I've been removed from that persons care, and its been a blessing. I'm now working a lot more hours, and I'm honestly happy. I'm very tired, but very happy.

I'm supposed to start school September 8th, but it may not happen due to the hours I work and the hours I'm not approved to take off. It's two days a week Wednesday and Friday. Wednesdays it's during the day but I work, and Friday it's in the evening, and I start work at 8PM and school ends at 8:50. I made this schedule like this so it can work with my schedule at the time, but since it's changed, it gets in the way of school. School starts in a few weeks so I only have two options, get my work schedule to cooperate or get my schooling pushed back to another semester.

Sprout starts school in a couple of days, and the rush begins. I need to get him on the school bus at 8:40, then drop off Bean and get to work by 9AM on Wednesdays, get out of work on time to pick Bean up and pick up Sprout by 3:17 from school if he has karate and if I'm lucky I can wait for the bus which gives me until 3:40 and soccer starts at 5:30. Let's not forget calling grams every hour on the hour after her HHA leaves at 2:30, making sure shes eaten, taken her pills, and is sitting on the sofa instead of on the floor. Skype will be my savior when I'm able to find a perfect spot in the house to put the phone to check in on her especially for my over nights at work. Apple doesn't have the feature where it always picks up but Android does, and we happen to have an old Android hanging around.

This leaves little time for me, but I'm okay with it. I can't fit anything or anyone else in the mix that doesn't understand it.

I'm all about the talk and walk, and hurry up and say what you have to say quickly! Get to the point! Fit cat naps in, where ever you can, and put the phone on do not disturb.