How to make a Newborn Photography Tie Back Headband for Photo Props or Outfits

Thursday, May 14, 2015

 Pick a fabric that is stretchy, and doesn't fray easily. You will cut the fabric about 1.5 inches. After you cut the fabric determine the length you want. I did this one in 15" so it can fit a newborn baby. After you cut it, pull each end of the fabric so it can roll up.
 You're going to want to get flowers. I got these ones at Dollar General for $1.00. There is enough to make 2-5 bow's depending how many flowers you want on each tie back. You're going to remove the flowers and the leaves off. Throw out the stem. You're going to need felt or vinyl fabric to cut in little circles. These 2 circles will be used to secure your hard work. One is going to be under your flower design, and the other is going to go on the other side of the fabric.
 Glue the fabric with a hot glue gun, then attach the fake leaves. Then cut the plastic off the flowers. Wait a minute so the glue can work.
 You're going to remove the plastic off the flower and glue them onto the green leaves. If you have buttons around, you can add them to the middle of the flower for a finishing touch. You're now going to add the other fabric circle to the under belly of your design. Now you will attach your flower design and your under belly holding it together for at least a minute.
Now you have a tie back which you can use for a photo shoot or to complete an outfit. You can make these in any size you like.

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