How to make a Newborn Photography Tie Back Headband for Photo Props or Outfits

Thursday, May 14, 2015

 Pick a fabric that is stretchy, and doesn't fray easily. You will cut the fabric about 1.5 inches. After you cut the fabric determine the length you want. I did this one in 15" so it can fit a newborn baby. After you cut it, pull each end of the fabric so it can roll up.
 You're going to want to get flowers. I got these ones at Dollar General for $1.00. There is enough to make 2-5 bow's depending how many flowers you want on each tie back. You're going to remove the flowers and the leaves off. Throw out the stem. You're going to need felt or vinyl fabric to cut in little circles. These 2 circles will be used to secure your hard work. One is going to be under your flower design, and the other is going to go on the other side of the fabric.
 Glue the fabric with a hot glue gun, then attach the fake leaves. Then cut the plastic off the flowers. Wait a minute so the glue can work.
 You're going to remove the plastic off the flower and glue them onto the green leaves. If you have buttons around, you can add them to the middle of the flower for a finishing touch. You're now going to add the other fabric circle to the under belly of your design. Now you will attach your flower design and your under belly holding it together for at least a minute.
Now you have a tie back which you can use for a photo shoot or to complete an outfit. You can make these in any size you like.

Make Your Own Newborn Photography Posing Nest / Noodle

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hey everyone! I hope all is well.
I wanted to show you guys how to make this and I hope I do a good job explaining. 

  • Cut a peice of fabric 36" long, and 7 inches wide.
  • Figure out if you want a handle or not, if so cut a piece of fabric/ribbon which is 9 inches long
  • Sew from one corner to the other, then continue to the other end, but leave one of the ends open. 
  • Cut the excess threads
  • Turn the posing nest/ noodle inside out
  • Fill up the posing nest/ noodle with cotton, or extra fabric
  • Pin the handle to the end, with it going in between the fabric on the ends. 
  • Hand sew, or machine sew the end, removing the pins as you go. 
You can make the noodle longer or shorter, or even thicker. You can also add Velcro or zippers if you want to make it unfilled. 

Happy Sewing!

I Lost My True Love Because I'm A Caregiver

Monday, May 11, 2015

After the worst mothers day on record, I officially lost my James. After years and years of me saying:

"No I can't, my grandmother is alone."
"I can't because of my grams."
"My family is living their own lives, I can't go."

James stormed out on me on Mother's day after I couldn't go out to dinner with him.

The engagement ring is boxed up, and is ready to go back into the hands of the person who once had hope for us.

I don't have a mom, don't have a dad, one day I wont have a grandmother, and now... I don't have a family.

All because I'm taking care of my grandmother, and the people who call themselves their family wont step up and take care of her because they are living their own lives, and figure I'm there so who cares.

15 years....

I've been taking care of my grandmother for 15 years. I'm not even 30 so where does that put me...

I've never been to prom
I didn't go to high school graduation
I've never been to a house party
I've never been to a bar
I never had a girls night out
I never went to a school dance

For the past 15 years I've been:
Filling pill boxes
Staying over nights in the emergency room/hospital room with my grandmother
Getting fired from jobs because my grandmother fell way to many times and I had to rush to pick her up because she didn't want to call anyone.
Filling up insulin
Arguing with her to eat something/take her pills
Cleaning after her
Waking up every 3 hours or so at night to make sure she's still alive
Trying to find a home health aid to take care of her for the hours I need to work, if not, I cant work the whole time
With the above, I feel uneasy letting strangers come into my home
Explain to my family that I am taking care of her when they come around once in a blue, because they really think I don't do anything

Now how do I explain that to James with him understanding? All he wants is his family. He doesn't understand my family is busy in their own lives. He left me... I lost the only hope of my true family because I'm taking care of my grandmother, and no one in her family wants to do what I do, nor does my grandmother want them to help because she's so used to me.

So I lost friends, jobs, my hope.... and here are the things I wont ever do

I'll never get married
I'll never get to travel
I'll never get to have spur of the moment "moments"
I'll never have someone love me
I'll never have a real job
I'll never have a quiet house
I'll never have a real smile

Being my grandmothers caregiver left me with no soul. I don't even know how it feels to "live a little" 

I just want to be with James and raise our family. All hope is lost.

I've lost everything.... Literally everything.