Back and Forth

Sunday, April 26, 2015

I've been so back and forth lately. I don't feel complete unless I'm sewing/designing, or photographing something. 

I went from making stuff like this: 

To making stuff like this:

So, from sewing silk gowns and photographing them to making baby noodles. This doesn't make sense... I kinda want to go back to where I was but I'm very back and forth.

I've been told to not stress myself out and just keep working on my day job (CNA). Especially with the summer coming up they want me to go outdoors more. Makes a lot of sense since my job stresses me out, and I tore muscles in both of my wrists. I feel like if I keep on aggravating my wrists via work/sewing/crocheting, I might not be able to use my wrists in the future. Then I feel if I don't use it, I'll lose it.

The thrill of creating a gown from scratch then finding a model, creating a story line to photograph is awesome.

I wish there was a tell tale answer of what I could be doing on my free time. I'm so confused...

Pillows and a Perdicament.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

So as a photographer, and fashion designer I thought:

"Hey, Maybe I can help other photographers by making this for them, since it's working for me."

I made 6 pre-made ones, and they sold pretty fast. They have been packaged, and on their way to their destination. 

Then there are those that didn't get one... The ones sending me messages like:

"Where the F**K is my invoice, how could you give it to "so and so" if they aren't even a real photographer."

Oh it gets better:
" You need to fill this up for me, I can't handle beads or rice"
I said sure, but its going to be extra for the postage.
"That's not fair you advertised it as $17, Free shipping."
I say, of course but beads, and rice, not only make the box bigger, it makes it heavier.
"If you don't want the $17, I'll get it elsewhere"
I say, Sorry I cant send it filled for $17, the fabric costs $7.99 a yard, the shipping is about $6. I'm honestly posting this to help other photographers. 
"Nevermind, I will just make this myself."

Then there is the photography that messages you every hour on the hour asking if I'm done with their pillow yet... No I'm not done... I did not invoice you.

I have a job, I have two kids, a fiance, and a grandmother I take care of. I made it known that I only work on these at night when the kids are bathed, and relaxed. I only make two a night on days I work, and I can make 6-8 sets on my days off. 

So new rule, and last straw.... If you're going to be rude, I'm not working with you at all. I don't want to see you putting down other photographers, or putting me down in the process. I don't need to make these, for money, I have a job. I wanted to make these to help other photographers, and what... I make like $1.50 off of these which PayPal is probably going to take anyways.

I may as well take my butt to Etsy where I can mark these babies up by 50%, and be surrounded by people who aren't mean...

Some people can be so darn rude... It's sad

New Photography Props for Newborn Photographers

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

If you haven't checked it out yet, I created a mini prop shop. It helps keep the blog alive, and it keeps me busy after work. I've been working on some new things like:

 34" X 3" Floral Newborn Photography Poser
 Crochet Beanie
 Crochet Shorts
 34"X3" Pre-Filled Baby Noodle

Baby Jumper

I want to thank the wonderful photographer over at I Spy Photo: for these wonderful photographs. I will continue to add items to the prop shop, and Thank you for supporting the blog!

I Did It... Finally

Monday, April 20, 2015

I finally went through with the appointment, I got tested for BRCA Gene Mutations for Breast, Ovaries, and Colon Cancer. I have a 24% chance of getting cancer in the future, and according to my doctor, that is a very high risk. This test will basically tell me if I carry the Gene Mutation, and if I do, we will take it from there.

It's been 6 months, my primary doctor has been pressing me to talk to the Cancer screening center every single time we talk.

I almost don't want to know the results, but for my children it's good to know especially because I don't know much about my biological mother and her side. I know a little bit about my father's side but not enough.

Thank god I went in, 24% is a big percent, and they sounded very concerned. I have kids, it's good to know for them.

The appointment begins with a talk with your doctor, she/he puts your history into a computer pool, and it tells you what your risk is. After the talk she went over a bunch of different "what if's," and brought out a box, inside there is something to swipe your cheek, then the other gets taken to the lab so they can draw blood.

In 3 weeks I'll have results. Either way I need to be screened twice as many times as a normal person due to the risk. This means, two mammograms,  two pap-smears, a year starting now, and colon screening every 2 years after I turn 32.

Now to wait for the results. Positive vibes :)

Week Ending 4.19.15

Sunday, April 19, 2015

It's been a rough week. It's getting even more harder to make sure everyone is happy. Grams has the idea to make food, so she's been making rice almost every day for the past month. Every single day she makes rice, its the only thing she can make without messing up. She puts so much oil and salt in it, and no one wants to eat it anymore. We pretend, but when we say "rice again?!" she begins to get depressed, she goes in her room, and sits there quietly depressed.

It's probably the only thing she can make at 90 years old, but I wish she wouldn't feel bad. There are other options other than rice. She just gets so depressed if we don't eat it... It probably has something to do with her age.

Sprout starts Soccer this week, so that means:
Monday- Get kids ready for the day--> Bring Sprout to school bus--> Drop Bean off to her grandmothers--> Go to work 30 minutes away--> Come back from work--> Pick up Bean--> Pick up Cousin Cindy from School-->Pick up Lucas from Bus Stop--> Go to Soccer Practice until 6 something...

Same thing for Tuesday and Friday except the Soccer is replaced with Karate.

I'm very tired..

Once I'm home, I'm dealing with what made Grams depressed that day, be it that her lunch was yucky, the mail carrier came late, or that I came late to work and she has no one to talk to besides her Caregivers.

There is only so much I can do.

I'm feeling so overwhelmed, not in a good way, it's like I'm getting some kind of caregiver burn out. I hope I can get over this feeling soon because the world isn't stopping for me.

Sprouts Belt Promotion

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Off with the old, in with the new! Little man is officially a yellow belt.

& He's Off...

Friday, April 17, 2015

There he goes!!!

Park Day 4/4

So these kids have been to the park every day this week. The picture below is Sprout after he fell, but he still approved taking a picture. He decided it was a bright idea to go up the slide instead of down.

Quietly Winding Down

Thursday, April 16, 2015

So last night was pretty cool. It was the first time in a long time I didn't have kids on a rampage. By 7 they were bathed, by 8 we were all in bed. I must say I was a happy camper.

Bean & Easter

Friday, April 3, 2015

So... This was my set up:

I took over 75 pictures, and these are the few that I really liked. The rest I liked will go off for printing. Now to get Sprout to take pictures.

Introducing the True Meaning of Easter & Not Forcing it on Other People...

Thursday, April 2, 2015

I'm pretty head on when it comes to meanings of Holidays. Sprout knows there is no Easter bunny, but I am making him an Easter basket because of his good behavior.  He knows at his young age who Jesus is, what he did, and yes... he knows what happened to him as well. At first he was full of questions of why, and how could people do this to someone else. It's an adjustment that not many people are equipped to deal with, but in my mind... The younger, the easier when it comes to learning.

So, we still have an Easter basket, and we still do Easter egg hunts in the back yard, but we do it for fun. If you're like me and you're looking to separate the Easter bunny and the meaning of Easter, yet make it fun, here are some ideas:

  • Mini Resurrection Garden
  • Include a couple scriptures in your Easter eggs
  • The Easter Story, and The Story of Easter Books by Patricia Pingry
  • Draw plenty of pictures, print out some from the internet
  • Go to Mass, the pastor explains to the kids that the egg is a tomb, the yolk was his shinning, and a bunch of other things your kid will explain better if explained by someone else. 
With that said, don't go off making people feel bad when they ask your kid "Are you excited about the Easter bunny?" You don't need to get rude and tell people you don't believe in the Easter bunny. Same as Christmas... When someone says "Are you excited about Santa?" Don't say " Ohh we don't believe in Santa, but you can get our kid XYZ." Yeah... Don't make yourself sound like a crazy person now.

This isn't about forcing your beliefs on other people. I'm slowing coming into my own when it comes to spirituality, and I have a LONG way to go.

Someone once gave me the Santa response a few years ago, and guess what... I didn't even reply to the message, nor did I send a gift. It made me so mad, that she took it that far. It's okay to have fun with holidays as long as you know the meaning behind it.

Just have fun with Easter. It's okay to have fun. Teach your children what it really means, and everyone will be okay.