Vitamin D Alternative for Breast Fed Babies

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

One thing with the little ones, they both lacked vitamin D. I tried everything the doctor recommended  to get their levels back where they should be, nothing really worked except one thing:

Natural sunlight....

No amount of drops, medicines, or even organic drinks could make up for how much better they were after I took them out side.

Anyone can use a 15 minute stroll outside on a nice sunny day. It will give you a chance to get your cardio in, while little one get's their Vit. D!

In the winter I open up all the window shades, and let the sun shine in, and pop down toys right where I see the sun at it's brightest, and watch them play for 10-15 minutes at a time.

If you are lucky enough to have an indoor porch, use that every day! It will give you an escape from your cleaning duties and force you to relax for a couple minutes. You can even nurse your little one, while getting sun.

I'm all about alternative ways, and I was lucky this all natural method worked for me. I hope this works for you.

High School Bully: I Still Think Of You

Monday, March 30, 2015

I was walking down the hallway from my first period class to my second, and I accidentally stepped on the back of this girls sneaker because there was so many people. As I remember it was a white nike sneaker, must have been new, who knows. The next thing I remember her and a group of her friends pull me into the bathroom, and start yelling at me, one made me take off my payless sneakers and explained the difference between mine, and those I stepped on.

Somehow I was so scared, that I listened to everything they said. They made me get on my knee's and clean off her sneaker. Her friend took my head and pushed it down, and told me to kiss her sneaker, and told me that I will never be able to afford sneakers like that.  I was so scared, I kissed her sneaker.

After a few minutes of this, I sat on the floor and watched them leave. They took my sneakers, I never saw my grey Payless sneakers again. When I gained composure, I got up and went to my gym locker where I had my gym sneakers, took a couple breathers and went to class.

My teacher gave me a very hard time about being 20 minutes late for class, I didn't have a hall pass, I wasn't going to tell anyone what happened.

This ruined me for the next two years. I didn't join sports, I didn't even bother to make friends. I didn't even blame my Grandmother who did all she could to at least put sneakers on my feet. My father passed away and we couldn't afford things we used to. It was no one's fault.

The girl, Anny must have felt some sort of way because in my junior year, we crossed paths, and guess what... She apologized. I accepted her apology not because I wanted to, because God was the only person who knew about this for years and saw my tears at night, and I bet he forgave her ages ago.

Why do people feel the need to bully other people? This makes no sense, and it's honestly disturbing. Why do bully's feel the need to make other people feel like nothing?

As a parent, I am teaching my kids that material things aren't important. It's important to make friends, with your classmates, and treat everyone equally.

It sucks, but I still think about what that girl and her friends did to me, nearly 15 years later.

All this over some $50 ugly Nike sneakers...

Easter Bruch Ideas: Places to go Around Connecticut

Sunday, March 29, 2015

I honestly love Easter. Not only is it another excuse to decorate, it's a great place to get out and explore. We haven't decided what we're going to do for this Easter due to MIL going on vacation, but we shall see.

If you're looking to do something new for Easter, I got a list of places for you!

  • Mill on the River, 989 Ellington Rd, South Windsor
  • Pond House Cafe, 1555 Asylum Ave, West Hartford (Elizabeth Park)
  • Lenny & Joe's Fish Tale, 1301 Boston Post Road, Madison
  • Nataz, 1977 Foxon Rd, North Branford
  • LB's Family Restaurant, 860 Riverside Drive, Thompson 
  • Skippers, 167 Main St, Niantic, CT
  • Friends & Company, 11 Boston Post Road, Madison
  • Charlene's Diner, 37 Main St, Jewett City 
  • Eagles Nest Family Restaurant, 163 Main St, Plymouth
  • Gina Marie's Family Restaurant, 71 Main St, Hebron
  • Guido's Drive Inn, 242 Broad St, Manchester
  • Shady Glen, 840 Middle Turnpike, Manchester

I left out all of the "chain" restaurants for a reason. Where are some good places you go for Easter brunch? 

Things do to on a Vacation Day, Pre-School/ Kindergarten Edition

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Staff Development Day? Half Day? Have a kid that will get bored or lost because they don't know what to do with the rest of their day? It's Spring but it keeps snowing, so you're lost too?

Ton's of things to do but weather isn't getting it together. Not a problem. In my few years of doing this parenting thing, I've been to tons of places to pass the time, and here is the list that I'm giving you to save your sanity.

  • Monkey Joes, Hamden
  • Jump N Jammin, Bristol
  • SkyZone, Wallingford (Toddler Jump 10-12 on Fridays)
  • Jumping Johnnies, Vernon
  • Launch Trampoline Park, Hartford (Toddler Time Friday Mornings 10:30-12:30)
  • Childrens Movement Center, New Milford
  • Bounce U, Rocky Hill
  • Romp N Roll, Wethersfield, Open Gym 1:30-4
  • Imagine Nation, Bristol
  • Kids Play, Torrington
New addition (maybe) My Gym is opening in Enfield in the next couple of weeks. We shall see if they are going to make the list.

Also: Check out your local library, they have museum passes that you can check out for the day and a lot offer free admission to places. 

Tetanus Combo Vaccine and Small Lump on Injection Site

So I figured out that this is completely normal after looking like a crazy mom for a couple of hours. After kiddo got this Tetanus Combo Vaccine, I noticed a small lump at the injection site. Come to find out after going into a panic for a few hours and calling every doctor at the clinic, it's completely normal.

I don't like that it causes a reaction like this. I don't like the fact that I need to inject my children with this stuff in order for them to go to the school  and play sports.

The doctor recommended a warm compress and a massage in the area to help the lump go down. That's of course if your child even lets you touch it.

When I touch the area, it's very warm to the touch, and it looks like a bee stung him...Again according to the doctors office, this is normal.

Again...I Don't like this.

According to the doctor, the redness, and the lump can last up to three weeks.

I honestly hate putting my kids through this...

Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

Friday, March 27, 2015

It's automatic for me to say no to candy in any occasion, so what I do with an Easter basket that just isn't the same without candy.

What things besides candy can you put in your Easter basket?

  • Books
  • Tooth Brush
  • Colorful Band aids for the medicine cabinet
  • Spring/Summer Outfits
  • Teddy Bear
  • Chalk
  • Sippy Cup
  • Bubbles
  • Stickers
  • Sunglasses
  • Bath Toy
  • Small Toys: Matchbox Cars, Bouncy Balls, Light Up Toys
  • Hair Bows
  • Hand Painting Set
  • Balloons
  • Dolls
What are some other things that you can put in the Easter basket besides candy?


Monday, March 23, 2015

When it comes to the blog, a lot of things have been changing. I have successfully started to separate my photography (that I use as a portfolio) and my graphic design. Which are both hobbies that I hold dear to my heart. URL pending, but here are the url's:
  1. Gibmee Graphic Freebies for Blogs
  2. Gibmee Photography for Connecticut and Western Mass
I want to keep this blog as it was minus the graphic design and any photography I don't do of the family.

You will still see photographs of us, and doll stuff, plenty of tutorials, and family.

eBay has this stupid rule they implemented, basically if you don't sell the numbers they want, they can close your store forever. I wasn't making enough barbie clothes so they closed me down. So no more ebay store. I used the funds of my eBay store to keep this site going with the hosting, freebies, and giveaways, but because it's been closed down, I'll have to minimize on it.

A few weeks ago I opened a Big Cartel shop, I haven't decided what to do with that though. I hope to make enough money to keep my hobbies going, without having to tap into my actual income from my job.

In a week or so, I'll have to close my file-dropper account, because I pay monthly to have that open, so get your free barbie pattern download before it goes!

I think that's about it for now! 

Sewing Stats

Thursday, March 12, 2015

It's a few months into the new year, and although I haven't reached any of my goals for the new year (yet) I'm on my way. So far here are the stats:

  1. I've sewn 1,251 Barbie garments
  2. I made 2 baby bibs
  3. 1 oven mit
  4. 16 embroidery patches
  5. Made my pattern CD
  6. Made a set of curtains
  7. Made 3 baby leggings
  8. Made 2 knit (not yard knit, knit fabric) hats for sprout out of old shirts that didn't fit him any more. 
  9. Officially gave my old Brother Sewing Machine to my Mother in Law
  10. Bought a new Singer Heavy Duty Sewing Machine
  11. Bought a Brother se-400 Embroidery Machine

Free 100X100 Buttons for your blog

Another day, another freebie. I made a few button bases for your blog or website. It gives you a space to put your name on it. You have to know a little something about photo editing, but all you have to do is add text or use a website that does it for you. Save the image to your own computer and edit it as you please. It would be awesome if you can link back to me!

 photo 001_zpsrmloddf1.png  photo 003_zpstutpd2ho.png  photo 005_zpsgy4ccvie.png  photo 002_zps7huac8wc.png  photo 008_zpsi7rktzho.png  photo 007_zpsl4ypnmbz.png  photo 006_zpsq66nponw.png 

Free Clip-Art: Lipstick

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Looking for some cute lipstick clip art to add to your blog or website? Look no further! The lipsticks  are provided as .png files with a transparent background.  Right click and save the graphic you want.

Everything is always created by me, and you may use them on your blog.

Please do not direct link. It would be awesome if you can link back!  Want these in another color, comment below and leave suggestions
Please don't take these and sell them on ebay or etsy, I will find out.

Free Social Networking Icon Image Map

Looking for some social media icons to add to your blog or website? Look no further! The icons are provided as .png files with a transparent background. These come as panels. You would have to do the image map html with a generator like Right click and save the buttons you want.

Please do not direct link. It would be awesome if you can link back!  Want these in another color, comment below and leave suggestions
Please don't take these and sell them on ebay or etsy, I will find out.

Free Social Media Icons

Looking for some social media icons to add to your blog or website? Look no further! The icons are provided as .png files with a transparent background. Right click and save the buttons you want.

Color Code:000000

 photo 013_zps9zxabgoj.png  photo 014_zps124vmaki.png  photo 012_zpseubcwmvr.png  photo 011_zpspqxjscmd.png  photo 010_zpsdvhv8wwj.png  photo 009_zps2xf88uli.png  photo 007_zpsbk9kbjvw.png  photo 008_zpsbjmpvz2x.png  photo 003_zpsvi1xsmid.png  photo 002_zpsawqypmlv.png  photo 001_zps4gotf6mv.png  photo 004_zpslqfk0l7a.png  photo 006_zpsaigp03u1.png  photo 005_zpscrwzs22l.png 

Please do not direct link. It would be awesome if you can link back!  Want these in another color, comment below and leave suggestions

Please don't take these and sell them on ebay or etsy, I will find out. 

Free Barbie Sewing Patterns CD

So, I received a few emails saying the link didn't work. The link expires within 48 hours, and I can't figure out to make it last FOREVER!!! So I'm linking it again:

This CD has:
Many mix and match combos

Please let me know if the link isn't working. I'm paying File Dropper every month, the least they can do is get it together! If I need to repost this every 2 days to make it work for you guys, I have no problem doing so.

I would love to see what you do with the patterns on the CD. You can post them on my facebook or email what you make to me. How exciting!

I've seen CD's like this on ebay, it really makes no sense. People buy the CD then sell it as their own. Reason why I'm just giving mine away for free. 

Well enjoy! Feel free to comment below!

Ebay Stores who have stolen my cd and who sell it on ebay as their own:

Seriously guys...

What a day...

It hasn't even ended yet!

I started off the morning, waking up late around 7:45 A.M, usually the kids are up at this time and wake me up before it's even light out. So I woke up Sprout, and of course he didn't want to budge, eventually he got up. Grams needed to get ready because we had to go fill out some paperwork related to the old place we lived. So Sprout starts school at 8:45, after I got everyone ready, we got there at 9. I dropped off the gift for my niece at my sisters mother in laws house since I think that's where she's staying now a days. It's my nieces birthday and I made her some cute things that she will hopefully like. We then made it to my aunts house where they met us there to show us where the court house was to file claims and such. I couldn't find parking ANYWHERE!!!!! I ended up paying $12 for parking at a parking meter thinking that the paper work was going to take 6 hours. It only took 15 minutes. I went to my car and saw a lady that looked like she was having a hard day, so I gave her my ticket which had hours and hours left on it, and I think I made her day. Before we left the city we met at a nearby store to say our goodbyes, and as my aunt pulled in and I pulled in near her, some cranky lady tried to steal my parking spot, as I honked and pointed at my blinker which was on for ever, guess what... The car behind her pulling out of a spot hits her car. Needless to say I got my parking spot, shook my head, yet smiled at the same time. Don't worry she wasn't hurt! So we said our goodbyes and went to Stop & Shop. I pumped all the way to the store, and Bean had a full bottle to drink while we shopped. I made sure Grams went inside with me so she can get anything her heart desires, who knew that everything her heart desired was EVERYTHING in the Goya isle. I guess it's adobo on everything for the next few months. We then picked up cousin Cindy from school, and brought her home since she had a half day. I brought all the groceries in, and had to organize and re-organize everything in the freezer to make room. So annoying. My grams caregiver moved the garbage cans out of the way (where I put them originally) and the garbage truck didin't take our garbage, so somehow I had to go inside the garbage can and jump to mush all the garbage down because garbage day isn't until Friday. My foot gets suck, and no one is around... Well no one who can help. Ana was napping, and Grams isn't qualified to help. I then reach and reach and reach until I touched the mirror on the car, and I use that to get myself out. Now I'm here writing....

God HELP ME! It's not even 2:30 YET!

Many ways I edit a photograph: Browns Harvest

Monday, March 9, 2015

Many ways I edit a photograph. This photograph is of Sprout last year when he went to the pumpkin patch with his cousin, who we miss a lot!

Many Ways I Edit a Photograph

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Bean was a month or so old. I love looking back at photographs and editing them in different ways. Here I did a couple of black and white edits, a sketch edit, and various vintage looking edits. I love looking back at old photographs and doing this for fun.

Freebie Friday/Saturday 650 Free Barbie Sewing Patterns

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Oh yes I did!

Here you have it, the official 600+ Barbie Sewing Pattern Disc as a digital download for free... YES FOR FREE. 

You will get everything I've been using for the past two years in one download. 

I'm offering this because someone bought this from me on my eBay store, then gave me bad feedback, and guess what... They are now selling it as their own. 

Enjoy, and tell all your friends about this!

We Visited the Basketball Hall of Fame!

Friday, March 6, 2015


Barbie Clothes I Created This Week!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

I hope you enjoy them! 

eBay Strikes Again...

So last time I wrote about eBay, it was the customers that bought my stuff, selling it as their own. This time for some reason, someone created an eBay account, and somehow associated it with mine and my sisters page. This is so stupid.

The customer service rep, instead of helping me resolve the problem, made me email the company that may take up to 3 days to resolve. This is so annoying, and it makes me feel like I should go elsewhere to sell my creations. I might as well start my own online store since I'm paying more than $35 a month in fee's, plus I donate 10% to the Alzheimer Association.

This is so ANNOYING! It's just Barbie clothes, and Barbie Patterns... What's the big deal.

I love the thought of sending my Barbie clothes to people around the world, but if it's going to be annoying like this, then forget about it. I have a job, sewing is a hobby, and it was never about the money, it was the excitement of little girls using my dresses to fashion their barbies.

eBay just about ruined it for me...

Free Numbers Cheat Sheet Printable for your Scholar

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


  1. Make your scholar a binder, with the plastic display in front, slip this in.
  2. Have your scholar look and write the numbers every day.
  3. Don't  pressure your scholar to write the entire alphabet, have them do what they can. They will gradually learn!
How to download:
  1. Save the worksheet (as PNG) 
  2. Open it up on your computer
  3. Print image as is
Easy, Peasy! Happy Learning  photo 110_zps09cuj3u3.png

Free ABC Cheat Sheet Printable for your Scholar

 photo ABC_zpsu8bqgjen.png 
  1. Make your scholar a binder, with the plastic display in front, slip this in.
  2. Have your scholar look and write the alphabet every day.
  3. Don't  pressure your scholar to write the entire alphabet, have them do what they can. They will gradually learn!
How to download:
  1. Save the worksheet (as PNG) 
  2. Open it up on your computer
  3. Print image as is
Easy, Peasy! Happy Learning