Trying to work out a sewing space

Friday, March 28, 2014

Well look at this here mess. I have no clue what do do with all this stuff. We've been living here for months, and for some reason I'm not even amped to sew. It's been stressful living here, the landlord lives right up stairs, and this is the first time I even let sunlight into my room. Every time I want to open the blinds shes right there, pretending to clean. Waiting for her opportunity to look in. I've been feeling so depressed, even to sew. Sewing is what makes me happy. I almost regret moving, but it's what Grams wanted. We always do what Grams wants, even if it means me suffering. This place just has a bad aurora. It breeds negativity. Now I know my grandmother see's it too. I will be looking for a new house soon. Somewhere far away in a new town. Somewhere we can all be happy.

You cant change people. I guess it's just the way the landlord is. She's even apologized in her words "for being a bitch." and her daughter has even apologized for her actions.

I don't want to go into depth too much, all I know is that we just want to be happy. We're not renewing our lease. This place isn't spectacular . I want a place my kids can play, and not run every time we see her. It's sad. I don't understand how she can live with herself at night.

I've been looking at this sewing space for months, and it will probably look like this until the day we move.

Happy Easter Photo's from Bean!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Happy Easter everyone. I took these pictures of Bean using a bunch of stuff I got from Dollar General.

Everything I got costs less than $3 each. For the background I used a table cover.