My Review on Wrap Wrapy with Lifetime Guarantee

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Are you considering a baby wrap for you and your baby? Here is everything I learned about the Wrapy.

Baby Wrap Wrapy with Lifetime Guarantee, is a wrap for your new addition. Here is what stuck out most to me...

  1. In opening the Wrapy, I noticed how soft it was.
  2. It has a beautiful blue color. 
  3. It stretches
  4. The directions are pictures as well as words, which is good because I'm a visual learner. 
When putting it on for the first time I was intimidated because:
  1. I thought it was too long
  2. It stretches only one way.
But of course there is a reason for this. It's meant to keep the baby snug and comfortable. The long"ness" of the Wrapy of course disappears when you tuck it in the right areas.

It took me 3 tries to get it right :( I'm pretty sure I was at fault, having the screaming crazy baby made it so I glanced over the directions. If I can advise anything, don't just glance over the directions, please read them.

When I put it on, and but Bean in, I realized a few things:
  1. This would be great for breastfed babies ( I weaned Bean 5 months ago, but it would have been perfect) You can go on with your day and discretely feed your little one. 
  2. You don't need to get that heavy bulky stroller out. Just bring the Wrapy, take a stroll in the mall, go grocery Shopping, do light yoga. 
  3. Your back will thank you. 
  4.  Housework is a breeze. Your baby will be right on you while you do laundry, dishes, sweep, and more. 
  5. A lot of bonding, your baby will feel you close by. Eases anxiety and newborn gitters. 
Over all, I this wrap does wonders. It's soft, you're comfy and your baby is comfortable. It's a great gift for yourself, or a new mom in your life.
For a limited time, you can purchase Wrapy baby wrap for 15% off their already low prices when you use our coupon. Use any of this coupon codes at time of order and receive discount on your purchase.  Hurry, this offer can't last forever!


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This product was sent to me for free to review.

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Monday, November 30, 2015

Barbie is wearing a romper! She even has a chain!

I used some scrap fabric I had left over. Shoes were from eBay for $.99 (Free shipping) and the necklace I bought in bulk from eBay ( a couple yards for $1.99 w/ free shipping)